Keep it Local

We are localizing Sedona's food system by growing forest gardens with volunteer support. Our mission is to improve health and connection through educational outreach and community gardening events. We believe farming should be inspired by natural ecosystems, so our bodies and the environment become co-creative participants in shared wellbeing.

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Sedona Greenhouse

The Sedona Greenhouse Project is a biodiverse ecosystem with trees, native plants, aquaponics, perennial herbs and produce. The Greenhouse serves as a community and tourism education center to promote a greener and healthier world. Our vision involves research and sharing knowledge about climate change mitigation through regenerative agricultural practices. This is also where we sell local products and plants!

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Composting creates nutrient-rich soil for optimal growing conditions and introduces valuable micro-organisms to Earth. Gardeners can establish a mutually beneficial relationship with their garden through recycling food scraps and yard waste. Composting decreases greenhouse gas emissions and reduces landfill waste, while having the potential to turn waste into income!​

Planting Community 

Social Enterprise

When we work together, we succeed together. Our model promotes the welfare for the Big 3:

  • Energy - Smart & Clean Technology

  • Enterprise  - Sustainability for the Future

  • Education - Learning with Nature & Teaching Others 

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