About Us

Farming Inspired by Natural Ecosystems

We work with Nature's ecologically-based growing methods to provide locally grown food while preserving biodiversity. Our regenerative farming methods are designed to prevent soil erosion, build habitats, improve water infiltration and retention, and sequester carbon.

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Our Story

Sedona Greenhouse Project Founders, Shams Teh and wife Sasha, have been digging in the soil of backyards teaching people how to grow their own food. Now their vision has expanded to cultivating a biodiverse educational greenhouse and establishing food forests in their hometown of Sedona.


"I have a vision where the whole community can come together to grow, work, and above all, connect." - Shams Teh


Shams grew up in Australia and has been studying biodiversity for the past 35 years. He is passionate about growing our team of 200 volunteers and encourages connection to nature through hands-on work in the garden. 

Meet the Team

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